Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'll take one of each, please

I was at one of my favorite blog's and I noticed these precious shoes on this little girls feet.
Luckily, Jen had a link for the shoes over on Etsy....

Mia Joie is the name of the boutique on Etsy.


I thought I would share how cute these shoes are, with you.
The prices are really reasonable too!
At the moment she is out of stock on everything.
(can't imagine why!)

Keep checking back with her!

{mommy's little helper half apron}

{Peep toes}

{Dolce eucalytus headband}

{Marianna pink peep toes}

{Amelia baby shoes}
{Sophia baby red poppy shoe}

{red poppy barrett}

{Red poppy baby - headband}

{Bloom baby shoe in dusty blue}

{Celia peep toe shoes}

{ headband}

Seriously, I could keep adding more!
She has floral shoe accesories for women too!
And a dress coming out soon too for little girl's...
Like I said, keep checking back at her boutique on Etsy!

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