Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

We have been in West Virginia since Wednesday. Long, eight hour car ride with 6 kid's.
(Lunden has her friend Samantha to hang out with)
It was great!
We spent a day in D.C. shopping
The boy's/guy's spent a day doing yard work, taking turns riding the lawn mower
and playing baseball in my parents rather large front yard.
All the while ....
We, the girl's, went out for more shopping.
This early 4th of July morning the boy's went out fishing to a nearby river with their new fishing poles.
I can't wait to hear the stories!
I hope they took a camera!!!!!!!
This afternoon we are driving into Maryland with all of our picnic gear. We will park the car at a metro station
and take the metro into D.C....
All 12 of us!
We are going to sit at the mall for the fireworks. Hopefully, near the Washington Monument as we have before.
It's specatcular!
While we wait for the night to arrive we will walk the mall, take TONS of pictures and people watch.
A tea party has been planned at the Capital so hopefully, nothing get's too crazy out there today.
I hope everyone has a great 4th!!

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Annie said...

aww.. what cute pics!
i miss you!