Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun filled week!

Hey everyone....
We just got home this evening from our trip up north.
We took a TON of pictures and had a great time with the family.
There was shopping, fishing, riding Grandpa's lawn mower and BBQ's.
We had a wonderful day in Washington DC for the 4th of July!
All 12 of us rode the metro in to D.C.. Ice chests, folding chair's and all....
We set up our blankets and chairs on the lawn of the "mall".
We sat between the Washington Monument and the Capital building.
The girls and I wasted some time walking to the Washington Monument, over to the White House, walked across the lawn in front of the White House over to get a popsicle and and the girl's ( Lunden and Samantha) each found a cute "gangsta" basball cap that say's D.C. on it. Lunden's is really cute in black with pink hearts. lol
I even found an "I <3>
The boy's all found a place amongst the trees to play baseball...well...catch.
They also took a little time to hit up a museum.
I think they went over to the American history museum.
We listened to sirius radio...
Carsen and a family sitting next to us had a "dance off".
This Dad was dancing and being crazy and Carsen was trying to out dance him. HILARIOUS!
The fireworks were amazing!!!
It is THE BEST place to watch fireworks.
Emersyn LOVED them! It was her first time seeing them.
She kept clapping and saying "whoa!". :)
The worst was after everything was over and
thousands crowded towards the metro stations.
Huge crowds....standing...waiting...helicopters flying above...tired,fussy babies...
We didn't actually get on to a train until midnight. It took 2 hours!
We met some interesting people on the train. I was actually scared of one particular guy. I actually did not have a good feeling about him at all. He was making conversation with Brennen and my nephew Hunter and then me....
and then Ben got involved in the conversation.
This guy was really trying to get to me or see how I would react to him.
Very interesting and scary. And I don't scare easily!
Anyways, long story short...we had a wonderful time. I love going up there. Washington D.C. is like my 2nd home. I know it like the back of my hand.
Next time we go up we are going to hit all the battlefields. Antitiem and Harpers Ferry are within a few miles of my parent's place. Just chocked full of history up there. Love it.
I have TONS of pictures and videos to go through and add to the blog. Hopefully, within the next 24 hours I will have them up.
Until next time.....

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Annie said...

oh my gosh- creepy guy story! sheesh!
everything sounds soo fun- and family involved! i miss your parents!
the danceoff sounds TOO FUNNY!
love you