Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Emersyn's new BLING!

Is it possible that this face could get any cuter??

Ben and I had talked about it for awhile. We made the decision to get Emersyn's ears pierced.
And I took her in on Monday.
I picked out some pretty little "diamond" studs.

We think Emersyn looks darling with her ears pierced!

And an added bonus...
The stupid people might actually pay attention
to the fact that she is a GIRL now.

Wishful thinking??

Here are a few photos taken today to show
off those pretty ears!

{She actually said, "Dodger"}

{our look-a-likes}

{Yes, this IS Emmy. Not Logan}

She did cry when having her ears pierced.
big hugs from mommy and Lunden

and some new sparkly bracelets fixed everything!
That's our girl!


Kiley said...

She looks cute with her new earrings! And I love the new look of your blog!

Elena said...

Wow, I've been going over your blog. First off, you have adorable kids. Second, you must be the photographer because I see you nowhere. Third, we would get along so well. Amazing how I relate to your posts. Glad life is treating you well.

Andy and Melissa said...

How Cute, she looks adorable in earings! I love her little onesie too - so cute. I have wanted to peirce Stella's ears for a while, but I am too chicken. Maybe I will have to take you along for support.