Sunday, May 17, 2009

16 and counting

Emersyn is 16 months today.
How she is growing and changing!
27 pounds (91 percentile)
34 inches (91 percentile)
Some of her milestones this month:
started walking this month! yay!
climbs up on the couch
She also:
loves to wear her bracelets
uses toys, rolls of masking tape,etc for bracelets
likes to drink water from my water bottle
use a fork/spoon
loves to sing "head,shoulders,knees and toes"
can say the word "toes"
loves to sing "if your happy and you know it"
likes to watch her "baby can read" dvd's
we think her "no" means yes. lol
wears the boy's baseball hats
likes to wear sunglasses
is scared of Grandpa
pretends to clean/wipe the table ( my fault)
she still loves HSM movies and songs
she goes nuts over Lady GaGa songs
and the song "that's not my name" by the Veronica's
she sleeps all night (pretty much always has)
takes one good nap a day
Favorite foods:
shredded cheese
saltine crackers
diced peaches
diced apples
She is just a dream. I love her with all my heart.
She is Brennen's "best friend", Logan's playmate,
Carsen's baby sister and Lunden's favorite.
She is Daddy's "Chicky Boodles" ( don't ask) and Mommys "pretty".
She puts a smile on anyones face that comes in contact with her.
We are so blessed to have this little one in our midst!
Enjoy some fun photos and a video at the end........
{She threw on brothers hat. Go Angels!}
{Pretty girl}

{Love this one}


{At Monkey Joes}

{Emmy loves her sissy!!!}

{Daddy,Mommy and Emmy singing song's}
You will need to stop my music player below to hear
Until next time.....

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Andy and Melissa said...

Stella has "baby can read" videos too - and loves them. Those things are fantastic! We should get them together for a playdate - they can watch the videos and sing along together!