Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Does this look like a "Smoothie" to you?

I have to revise this because yesterday is when I was supposed to go in for my CT scan.
I went to drink this lovely "smoothie"(below) and the seal was broken in an abnormal way.
So, I called and rescheduled my appt for today.

{Tampered with bottle}

I just drank this "smoothie" an hour ago. It was nasty and thick.
My gag reflexes were struggling with this one.
I was a little apprehensive about drinking this stuff.
I went online to look up the information on Barium Sulfate.
There were all sorts of possible side effects. It kind of freaked me out.

My cousin Rachel assured me that I won't have any of the horrible/dangerous
side effects that I am seriously worried about.
It's not like I go around drinking something with "dye" in it.
You know?!
Having done this a few times she eased my fears. A little.
The "smoothie" has been in me for an hour. So far so good.!

Why am I drinking this horrible stuff you ask?

This is what I will be doing in a half hour.......

A CT scan (computed tomography)

Otherwise known as a "Cat scan" this morning @ 11:00 am

My doc wants to have this done to see what is going on inside my tummy.

After having multiple pregnancies (9) to be exact

and one being a full-term, twin pregnancy

I literally have no muscle wall to "hold me in".

They called me something like "text book case" during one of my last pregnancies.
Hopefully, this will help to determine what to do next.

I will keep ya'll posted!

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