Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CT scan....Part 2

I had my CT scan yesterday. It was definitely an experience.
I must first say that it is really nice to have
all of our doctor's offices and hospitals very close to where we live!
All of our doctor's are within a 5 miles from our home.
When they brought me back to the room
they had a lovely paper cup filled with
more of the barium sulfate for me to drink.
They wanted to " top me off".
Seriously, that stuff made me want to throw up.
It took me 15 minutes to drink the large bottle I had to drink.
so I didn't drink very much of the extra.
I had to lay down on this bed/table
( like in the picture I added in the first post)
and then they said " We have to start an IV"
You have no idea about me and IVs.
First of all....THEY HURT!
Second, the last one I had was when I was getting prepped for my
c-section and they literally had to poke me 8 times to find a decent vein!!!!!!
I was freakin' inside and thinking...
" OK, who is the wise guy that hid THIS information from me!"
The nurse tried the "good vein" in my right arm.
It really is the best vein for any labs I have drawn.
But for some reason it wasn't working for an IV.
So, they had to go to my other arm.
Thankfully, it worked AND neither of the needles going in hurt.
The IV only has to stay in for 5 minutes.
It is for adding a dye through the body.
As I lay there they said I would listen and follow
the machines directions.
The table moved through the "circle"
and a voice says, "take a deep breath".
Then it says, "Hold breath now."
And you hold your breath until it beeps.
After doing this a couple of times
the nurse comes in and says,
" we are going to start the IV and it will make your body feel warm all over".
It burned a little going through my arm
and then I immediately felt my tummy and pelvic area warm up.
That is really all I felt get warm.
It wasn't bad.
They scanned me and I held my breath a few more times and it was done.
They took out the IV and said I would hear something in 48 hours.
At least I will finally know what is going on inside me and what can be done next, if anything.

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