Thursday, May 7, 2009

1 too many trips to Pier 1!

I have re-discovered Pier 1 imports
I have been in need of decor items for the house. I look everywhere. I'm not picky.
As long as it fit's my style, it's all good.
So, today I was in need of a few more artificial eucalyptus and
I had been eyeing some florals as well so I got some extra. Then I saw this green, shabby vase.
It is larger than it appears in the pictures. It is really heavy too.
I had to have it!
It looks really nice on my large, formal table!

Until next time....

1 comment:

Joneel said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the eucalyptus. You are just one big decorator. Melissa wishes she could do some decorating. ME too for that matter. I like your taste