Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break...Part 2

Spring Break 2009
Myrtle Beach
Continuing on......
{disregard the dates on the pictures. It is my back up piece of crap camera.}
{another view from our balcony}

{Carsen on the pier}

{The Pier- I don't really like to be out on it}

{Smile Brennen!}

{really fun swing on the pier}

{My little flirt -winkin' at mom}

{another view from our floor}
{act like you like each other}
{Carsen gettin' in on the picture}

{My little stud. Logan and his favorite sunglasses-broke after we took this}

{It can be difficult to get 5 kids smiling for the camera...BRENNEN}

{my precious girl's}

{This was Logan's 1st time really experiencing the ocean}

{Lunden and Logan testing out the water- a little cool still}
{I love pictures like this}
{my independent Carsen}

{Emersyn shook with fright. It was sad!}

{she was much happier in someones arms}

{Carsen's left cargo pocket was FULL of shells!}
{that was fun!!}

We can't wait to go back!!!

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