Monday, February 9, 2009

A mother's work is never done

I am writing this blog kinda late tonight. It isn't going to be anything fancy nor will it involve a cute video or adorable photos of my kidlet's. I just feel like talking.
Yeah, Ben is out of town this week. He is in Nashville until Thursday. My chit chat buddy isn't here I am chit chattin' to my blog. Pathetic, right? lol
Today was a crazy day. I mean, this morning started out great and nothing out of the ordinary. I did have to take Brennen to the family doctor today for a sport's physical. He is on the track team so every year it's kinda the thing we have to do. Our family doctor is really great. She has helped get my thyroid taken care of AND has figured out what can jump start my metabolism. My body was not losing weight whatsoever. Totally not like me. She prescribed some med's and I have literally lost over 10 pounds in a month! Crazy. I am on it for 3 more months and could very possibly lose over 30 more pounds. I think that puts me right back to normal range. Having so many pregnancies/losses, thyroid issues, etc my body didn't want to let go of the weight. No matter what I did. Since I have never been a "large" person, and in fact have usually been under weight, it was getting really frustrating for me. I am SO thankful for my doctor and getting me on the right track.
OK, so back to taking Brennen to his sport's physical appt....I noticed she was spending a little more than normal time listening to his heart with her stethoscope. When she was done checking Brennen she sat down and said she thinks he has Mitral Valve Prolapse ( heart murmur).
So, she had an EKG done on him and it came back normal. She made Brennen an appt to have an Echo cardiogram done next week. It will at least tell us what, if anything, is going on. I'm trying not to be worried about it. Easier said than done. I am so blessed and so grateful to have healthy children. I definitely don't take that for granted.
So, we ran some errands tonight and when we got home and ate dinner Lunden and I noticed that Emersyn was feeling a little warm. I took her temperature and it was 102.5 rectal. I kinda freaked so I called my mom ( she is an RN) and she said I needed to take her to urgent care. Lunden went with me and 3 hours later... sure enough, she has an ear infection in her left ear. Poor baby girl. Crazy thing is, she didn't even act like she wasn't feeling well. We were at the urgent care from 8-10:30pm tonight and left with a prescription for antibiotics for her. I dropped off the prescription at Walgreens and they said it would be ready by 11:00pm. I took Lunden and Emersyn home, got Emersyn asleep and in bed and ran back to Walgreens.
I am just now sitting down to relax and it's 12:45 am. Not unusual for me since I have been on this medicine for my metabolism. It makes me an insomniac! Rough part is having to get up at 6:00 am to get L&B up and going for school, Carsen up at 6:30 and out the door by 7:25. Sometimes I feel like I should just not bother going to bed. Do you ever feel like that? I am still folding towels and had to remake my bed just now. lol
All my babies are in their beds, fast asleep. I think I might try and go to sleep now myself.
Wish me luck!!
P.S. There is so much more I would love to sit and chat about.Too much probably. I will try to get to those things tomorrow. I mean, later this morning! eek


Kiley said...

Oh, those days are hard. hope all works out with Brennen. It's always scary when stuff like that happens.

Joneel said...

Hey Lady, It's Melissa's mom. I'm back in California. It was nice talking to you and getting to know you a bit. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. See ya later