Sunday, December 7, 2008

A wonderful Christmas time

When I was growing up December 6th was a special day. Not only was it my parent's wedding anniversary but it was the day or at least the weekend we would go and get our Christmas tree. My sister and I always got our own little Christmas tree for our room which we got to decorate with candy canes, little chocolate ornaments and lights. Our Christmas tree's meant the holiday had begun!

My mom made it a tradition that my sister and I always had a new Christmas ornament for that year. The ornament depended on what we were into that year or what we enjoyed or where we were. We would turn on Christmas music, my parents would get the tree sitting just so in the stand and string the lights up and then the funnest part....pulling out all of our special ornaments. I loved talking about each ornament as they were put on the tree.

I have kept the tradition alive by getting the kids their own ornaments each year.

Like I said, I am a sucker for tradition and decorating!


{Our family tree}

{my country themed tree}

{The boy's tree}

{Lunden's Christmas tree}

I won't be doing to much more this year because we will be in West Virginia at my parents for Christmas.

We are excited for our trips to N.Y. and seeing Rockefeller center, Macy's, the Statue of Liberty, FAO Shwartz, etc. Lunden wants to go ice skating at Rockefeller center too. We are going into D.C to see the White House decorated, the Capitol tree and we are going into small towns to enjoy some local festivities.

We are hoping for some snow too while we are there! We can't wait!

Get ready for a lot of pictures and blog's!


Until next time.....

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