Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thank's, Guitar hero

My Logan can make me laugh pretty often but this time was pretty great.
Lunden and Brennen both like playing 'Guitar hero' and most of the song's are rock/ 80's rock/hair band rock.
Carsen and Logan love to watch the older two play this game and I have discovered that they are learning the words to songs because of 'Guitar hero'.
They have suprised me with the knowledge of knowing words to " I wanna rock and roll all night...." among others.
Still, a couple days ago Logan was singing a song from Bon Jovi.
He was singing the words to " You give love a bad name" and it went something like this ( mind you, he is dead serious)
"Shock in your heart and your too late you give love a bad name!"

I laughed and laughed and hugged him and told him how cute and funny he was. I should video it so you can see.
I just love the things kids say. Especially my kids!
Until next time....


ginny said...

hahaha That is too funny:)

Annie said...

oh how cute!!
how funny to be standing there, minding your own buzzzzness, and all of a sudden def lepard starts blarring!!!