Friday, December 19, 2008

West Virginia at Christmas

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go.....

That is sort of what I was thinking when we were driving up here to West Virginia yesterday. You do have to drive through the "woods' or mountains and you go over plenty of river's around here.

When we left South Carolina it was quite warm. In the high 60's I believe. As we drove north it got progressively colder and colder.

So, we arrived at my parent's home just as it got dark so all of their Christmas lights were on. Very welcoming and festive! There was also ice showers coming down as well. Very chilly!

My mom made her home a Christmas wonderland.
Everywhere you look there is garland, lights, candles glowing, animated Santa's.
The kids are in heaven!

This is the first tree you see when you come through the door. It is the most magical tree with all sorts of glitter and white house ornaments. Absolutley magical.

{ second tree}

{ third tree in the basement}

{Emersyn checking out the life size elf}

{Letter's from Santa arrived for each of the kid's!}

The night was finished off with a game of monopoly, air hockey and holiday cupcakes! We are so excited to be here and enjoy some holiday fun!

Until my next blog.....

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