Monday, December 22, 2008

She speaks!

Emersyn said " Santa"!

My mom ( Grandma) has bonded with Emersyn. My parent's aren't around everyday so it took a little bit for Emersyn to warm up and get used to them.

Since we have been here in West Virginia Emmy reaches out for Grandma and immediatley points to the Christmas tree's because she knows Grandma will take her over to look at them and all the Santa's. When my mom holds her and they look at the santa's and ornament's she will name them outloud and Emersyn has started to say those words. When my mom asks her "where is the bear?"(ornament) Emmy will point to it and say " Bah" for bear. Last night, she was looking at this one particular Santa that she likes and she said "Santa" quite a few times!!!

She is SO smart!!!

I will upload some pictures of the santa,etc later because Ben and Brennen have my Digital camera. They went on the train with my dad into D.C. today to my dad's work. They are spending the day in D.C. going to some museums,etc. It's too cold and windy and ....a little boring for the little ones so we stayed here to go shopping. lol

Until next time.....

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Rachel said...

I would totally take shopping over sight-seeing anytime! Plus, I love shopping in new areas! Love it! Have a great Holiday! I can't believe how big that beautiful baby of yours is getting!