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I was just sitting here going through our pictures from Christmas and our visit here in West Virginia. So, I thought I would recap our visit and activities!

All the little ones were sick before we came up here so we got everyone into the doctor and all the little ones plus Ben were on antibiotics. Poor little Emersyn has continued to have a nasty cough and runny nose. So that has kept us from doing many things as well as the weather.

The weather has been really cold from the moment we got here. We are not used to such frigid temps! We never got snow but there was definatley some ice showers. On our way to D.C. and on into Maryland for some shopping it was only 12 degrees and the winds were gusting around 30 miles an hour. I think it was more like 7 degrees with the wind chill.

Oh my goodness was it cold! The worst thing about the cold is that my kids aren't used to the cold. California and South Carolina you barely need a light jacket so it has been hard keeping/forcing coats on them. Emersyn just won't keep socks or shoes on her feet so that has been a struggle too. lol

We had a trip to N.Y. planned but with the frigid air, snow up north and the kids colds we decided to postpone our N.Y. trip until spring.

We celebrated Lunden and Brennen's 14th birthday here too!

{Happy birthday, I love you!}

We took the kids to the American History museum in D.C.. The museums are such a wonderful learning tool.

{Getting ready to go see Old Glory. The flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner}

{ I'm so proud! My children know who George Washington is and it suprised G-ma}

{ Reading about the slave children}

{My future President}

We had our baking day with the kids. My mom bought a starter kit Gingerbread house and the kids loved helping put it together. Lunden learned how to use a frosting tip to make icecicles too. Maybe next year we will actually make our own gingerbread.

{More eating than helping}

{Tempted by the finished product}

Christmas eve we read the nativity from the scriptures and open up our new Christmas pajamas.

Christmas morning was a lot of fun. Carsen was the first one up and just when I thought he had minded me and gone back to his room he was in the family room opening some of his presents. Brennen had to stand guard until the rest of us got up. Carsen spent a lot of Christmas morning watching everyone else open presents because he couldn't wait.

{ Logan's new 4 Wheeler}

{Brennen can't contain his excitement}

{ Lunden's new faux fur blanket}

{Emersyn's 1st Christmas}

Our final day's here have been full of after Christmas shopping. I was able to get some things I had been eyeing at Target! We also went to a drive thru Christmas lights place in Frederick Maryland one last time. I think the one in South Carolina was way better but it was still a lot of fun.

We are heading home tomorrow and Lunden and Brennen are heading to Boise to see their dad for a week. I hate when they have to go but they will have snow and enjoy their cousins. They are excited because they have to switch planes in Vegas so they will get to peek at the city a little bit. lol

It was a wonderful Christmas spent with the people I love most. We are a close family and take care of one another. We are there for eachother in good times and in bad and make things right, when things are wrong. We love being together and making eachothers dreams come true.

My family might be little but we are mighty!

Until the next blog.....

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