Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Momentous occasion

Emersyn's really cute stroller/walker from Santa
This walker is all it took...

To get her on her feet....

And taking two steps!

Putting her baby in her stroller.

Now don't get me wrong. She has been standing for a long time and she has even attempted to stand without holding anything a few times. This was just the first time she actually took a couple of steps by herself!

A momentous occasion for us! Yay!

Our little girl is growing up and will be a year old in just a few weeks!!

Emersyn's fishy face

She is also talking so much now. Just all of a sudden it seems.

When I went into her room to get her out of her bed she said, "hello".

The words you can understand her say are:
"Santa", "baby","hello", "hi da" (hi Dad),"mama","bye bye"
"fsssshhh"(for goldfish), "uh oh" ( and waits for us to say spaghettios)
"La la" ( Lunden) and "I la" ( I love you)

She also understands a lot too. She is growing up!

Ok, I just had to brag!


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