Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Autumn time!

Ok, so, I had to pay homage to my favorite season.....

The very first thing I do is put up a wreath on the door.

The fall colors are already popping here. Actually they started the first of the month. Way earlier this year! I wonder if this means an earlier winter? I hope so! I can't wait to head north and see more colors next month!

Marth Stewart has always been a big part of my decorating and baking ideas. I am a little Martha obsessed actually. I watch her show and buy her magazines. She has the best ideas and puts so much time into the smallest details.

Here are some "Good Thing's"

Another Good Thing" favorite is making homemade soup and bread. It's such a cozy meal when

it's chilly outside

So, I hope these ideas inspire you to make your home more cozy and festive this year!

Happy first full day of Fall!!


Jacki Rich said...

OHHHHH!! I miss the seasons.. I always have to decorate to get in the mood. In Southern Cali. the weather doesnt help much! it ALWAYS Hot and sunny!!
Enjoy the leaves for me!

Rachel said...

I totally love Fall. I want to make out with the weather. It's AWESOME! Martha Stewart is also my hero. I hope to be her someday! Cute blog, cuz!