Monday, September 22, 2008

Did I ever tell you we have a lake?

We do!

It's only 2 miles from our house.
We have to drive over the dam anytime we go to the malls/shops, etc. I never tire looking at it and still am amazed that it is so big and practically in our backyard.
It is a huge lake!!
I love to watch the sailboats or watch people fishing from their boats. The boy's confuse the lake with the ocean and ask if there are sharks in the water. lol
This is also the lake that I walk over. They have a great walk/bike path over the dam. It's a 5 1/2 mile walk if you go over and back!
Well, until next time....

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Jacki Rich said...

So fun to read about whats going on with you guys. NEAT area to live. I would love to live by a lake, and your house is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!