Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter!
This morning I woke to the song 
"He is risen" in my head.
Good one to have in my head on this special day.
As well as to little ones wanting to see what the
Easter bunny had brought.
I think next year the E.B. should just bring big bag's of sugar
and plop them in the kid's basket's. hehe
I think the kids get more candy at Easter than at Halloween!!

We had such a great couple of festive days.
I'm going to let the photos do the talking.

Lunden, Emersyn and I made cupcakes on Saturday. Later that night
Lunden and I finished frosting and decorating all of them.
 They turned out super cute
AND delicious!

{Canyon & Emmy}


{Coloring eggies}

{Emmy was in charge of the PINK eggs}

{Love you too Lundee}

{all the cousins in their aprons made by g-maw when they were little}

{hunting for eggs}

{Emmy's eggs}


{She would not smile for this picture. Stinker.}

{emmy's loot}

{she had to open it all right there}

{Logan found HIS egg-money!}

{best friends}

{Bunny love}                

{Hunter & Emmy}

It was a WONDERFUL Easter day!!

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Annie said...

ohh my gosh!! what FUN!!! im jelous you got to stay home with your kiddos!!!
looks like they had a blast!