Monday, December 12, 2011

The icing on the cake

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Like my fish face?
Yeah, it was completely taken by accident but I was kinda diggin' it so..there ya go!

Is everyone having a cool yule so far?

I'm tellin' ya, I LOVE Monday's!!!
Most people hate Monday's,. It's the start of another week...
You have to wait a whole 5 day's until the weekend begins....
And there's even a song sung by The Bangle's about a  'Manic Monday'. 

The reason I love Monday's ?
 I get to spend the whole day doing something..
anything... with my two girl's.
 Lunden doesn't have school on Monday's so we decide what we will do
and we go do it. Sometimes we take a little road-trip, sometimes its just to check out a new mall, we've even gone to Downtown Disney. Regardless we ALWAYS have lunch together.

{Victoria Gardens}

Today, we chose to do a little Christmas/birthday shopping
and we went to Lucille's BBQ for lunch.
It was pouring rain. Do you think between the three of us we had an umbrella?

Lunden loves drinking out of a mason jar. So do I!
It kinda reminds us of South Carolina.
Diet coke. Mmm! Lunden always teases me at how slow I drink.

My Lunden {and her twin brother Brennen} turn 17 next week.
Where does the time go?  It all goes by so fast!
One minute she was Emersyn's age. The next...a young,sweet and gorgous young woman.
 I wish Brennen were here enjoying this time with us.
 We giggle, we talk, we eat, we take silly pictures...
we just enjoy the time together!

Emersyn always makes thing's interesting.
Yesterday, she told me I was on the naughty list for being silly.
She does and say's the silliest thing's.

My girl's. This is what it's all about.
They are so cute together.
Lunden enjoyed fried chicken and mashed potatoes.
Her veggies were quite delicious. I stole a few.

 I love their Pulled pork sandwich. SO yummy!

Emersyn found a funky french fry

Ok, so now for the ....
The 1st snow fall of the year!!!

We've been expecting a "winter storm" to roll in today/tonight.
We've been crossing our fingers and hoping that the snow level would actually drop
to OUR level which is roughly 3000 ft.
 As we were driving down to our destination,the Cajon pass {Elevation 4000+}
was already foggy & rainy.
 We kept our finger's crossed in hopes that old man winter
 would actually make an appearance in Southern California.

And HE DID! 

As we were driving back up "  the hill" .... 
Little by little the pouring rain turned to big fluffy snowflakes!

Lunden & I  were giggling with delight. Just in awe of the white stuff.
After all, we haven't seen it since last January!
Lunden was snapping photos from the car
and we cranked up the Christmas music a little bit louder.

Once we reached the top of the pass I told Lunden that we
 HAD to take the first exit so we could stop and enjoy the falling snow. 
And of course...take pictures! It was the perfect photo op!
If you know me, I am always snapping pictures of the kid's
and anything we are doing. It's important to me and always has been.

Emersyn had been asleep so we woke her up. We wanted her to see the snow!
We parked the car at an abandoned gas station off of Oak Summit exit
 and we let the snow fall down all around us.
Lunden even got a taste.
It reminded me of the 'Charlie Brown Christmas' special.
where the characters/ kid's are all outside catching snowflakes on their tongues 
and  Lucy say's, " I never eat December snowflakes. I always wait until January!"
Well, we will be eating December snowflakes because we might not see them in January!

It was a VERY good day and we hope to see more snow tomorrow morning.
We'll see!

Until next time...

"I wanna wash my hands, my face and hair with snow"
- White Christmas

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Annie said...

awww... looks like a super fun girl day!!!! you ALL look soooo adorable!