Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas festivities

Happy Christmas eve!
Is it seriously Christmas eve already? Sheesh.
We are in the midst of wrapping and
 waiting for my sister and her boy's to come up for the night.
Oh!And we need to decorate cookies for Santa!
Lot's 'O fun!!

So, the week leading up to Christmas is always a blast around here.
Lunden's birthday, traditional birthday trip to Disneyland, shopping, baking,etc.

I have way too many photos to still go through and edit and not enough time to do it.
So, for now,  I am posting (picture wise) some random photos of the past few days.
 I will post more photos soon!

We picked up Grandpa at the airport.
 He flew in to town for Christmas!

My babies
We always make a trek to Bass Pro shop for their
Winter Wonderland activities!

Hunter and Logan

Logan checkin' out the 4-wheeler's.
He totally fits the part.
Such a stud.


We stood in line to see Alice
and Emersyn became the center of attention.
The White Rabbit as well as the Mad Hatter
both came over to show the love to Emmy.
So special!!!


Lunden & Brennen always get to pick out
a birthday hat at D-land. It's tradition!!
This is the one she picked.

Emmy sat with Grama and got popcorn
while we went on the Matterhorn
BUT...they came and found us in line and shared.

Lunden and Steve

Lunden Hunter and Steve ( Lundens BF)
They got their tea cup spinning FAST!

My Girls in New Orleans square

Lunch at our fave
Mexican place next to Thunder Mountain

Ok, I'm still adding photos so keep checkin' back!

Until next time....

"Tomorrow is Christmas! It's practically here!!"


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