Thursday, December 8, 2011

April's *+*+ FAVORITE THING'S+*+*

Hello! Hello!
Or maybe I should say, Ho! Ho! Ho! Right now?

I got the idea for my blog today from an annual Oprah event.
You know the one? The famous holiday show where she shares all of her
"favorite thing's" and then gives them to everyone in the audience?!

I love to give. I love to put a lot of thought into what I purchase someone. 
I pay attention to what they say they like or wish they had. I am of the mindset
it is always better to give someone what they want or ask for instead of randomly
picking something out they might not use or like or possibly re-gift to someone else!!
It's the thought that count's BUT if you put absolute zero thought into
what you are giving someone, why bother?! 

I love to give gifts that pamper and indulgeand make a person feel really special
So, below are a bunch of 
 April's "favorite thing's"



{This is an obvious one. The iphone has the funnest gadgets and covers too}

 PINK perfume by Victoria's Secret

{My favorite perfume!}

 SONOS wireless sounds system/player

 {The coolest new *portable* stereo system for the home/office}

American Eagle  
{I buy MOST of my clothes from this store. Great jeans!}


 {This is just an awsome gadget. Computer and itouch in one. Considering I dont have a computer...}


{Another place for great clothes}


{The only boots I truly wear everyday. Like slippers, I tell ya}

Nirve bicycles

{ I seriously want a cute beach bike w/basket from this company}

 Victoria's Secret make-up
{Love their make-up. Flirty and sexy fun}


{They just seriously have some CUTE purses right now! Love this one.}

 Gym membership
{I seriously love being in the gym. Working out is a must}

Cookies by design

{I give these sweet baskets to close friends and family all the time. THE BEST cookies!!!}

Victoria's Secret gift card

{ Do I really need to explain?}

Favorite salon gift cards

 {This is the salon I go to for my hair. In Los Angeles. It's always nice to get gift cards for the salon}

Pottery Barn
 { I would decorate my entire home from this store if I could}

Jewelry- Hello Kitty- Bling

 { I am a girly girl. Hello Kitty is adorable and still "in". I have always loved this silouhette necklace}

V.S. Pink fuzzy hoodie
{On the V.S.2011 fashion show runway. So soft, warm and cozy!!}

Bath and Body works candles
{I always have one or three burning in the house. They smell scrumptious!}

Until next time.....

"A joy that is shared is a joy made double"

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