Tuesday, November 1, 2011



We had a fun Halloween day/night.
I took the girl's out to lunch at El Tio Pepe's
( I LOVE my Mondays with both of my girl's all to myself!!!)
We finished up some Halloween shopping
and actually enjoyed a relaxing day at home listening to both
Halloween and Christmas music on Pandora. 
I know, Christmas music. Crazy,right? 
Anyways, enjoy the photos. 
I LOVE taking pictures!! 

{Miss Emersyn Mae in her daytime Halloween outfit}

{Princess Belle-the Christmas gown}

{Carsen AKA Harry Potter}

{Logan AKA Vampire}
Lunden and I had a blast applying his make-up!

{Ready to go Trick-or-Treating!}

Lunden dressed up as a vampire but..her vampire teeth wouldnt stick
so I don't think we actually got a photo of her in her "costume".I do have some adorable
photos of her with her cousin but she's in her homecoming dress and I can't share those
photos until after next weekend.
Hint:Her dress is amazing!

{My nephew Hunter}

{Carsen and Logan}

{Carsen and Canyon}

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween as well
and that the kid's all got tons of candy!
Happy sugar rush to all!

Until next time...
Be good to one another.

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