Friday, February 25, 2011

There is only one YOU!

 Logan we love you so much!
You are a breath of heaven.
You are sweet and gentle.
You are loving and kind.
You love to dress like your big brother.
You love to dress up in costumes and pretend.
You love to whistle ( non stop).
You love baseball!
You make everyone laugh.
You are a very good artist and incredible at reading already.

There is only one YOU and I'm so glad you're mine!
Happy Birthday week/end!

I had so much fun going through pictures of Logan....
I had to share a bunch!
In no particular order.....


Andy and Melissa said...

LOVE all the pics!!! He is so cute... we are so glad we get to know him:) I cant believe how much he and Emerson look alike... sweet:) Happy birthday (late) Logan!

April Of S.C. said...

Thanks Melissa! :D