Sunday, July 4, 2010

Even more photos

Ok, this is the last of the pictures I can share...
the rest are on Lunden's camera and she is in Idaho.
I will be sending her a device to upload pictures.
Hopefully, I will have more to share in a week or so.

These pictures are precious.
 Many firsts for my two youngest and I am sure Carsen didn't remember some of the rides either.
We really miss living in California and having our Disney Passes. We were spoiled BUT....
never took those passes for granted.
 It was a special thing for us to have and make memories with.

Enjoy the photos....

{Canyon and Carsen}

                                        {Emmy on the teacups for the first time. She looks so tired}

{Alice in Wonderland ride...I still think someone was high on something when they created this movie!}

{Logan and Hunter..Alice in Wonderland ride}

*SIDE NOTE* Logans tooth was bothering him while waiting for this ride.
 He bit into a HARD Mickey ears ice cream and started crying.
 Later that night Gma pulled his tooth out and he got $5 from the toothfairy.


{Emmy's first time swimming..I know Im so bad}

{Logan was having a blast}

{Carsen being goofy}

{Brennen and his Chicky}

{I love watching my older two help their little siblings!}

{Splish Splashin' fun}

{My girls...LOVE this one!!}

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