Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3...3....3 trips in one!

To save time, I added three different trips in this post...


Since all of my boys were with my parent's, at my sister's place
 I took my hotel buddies...Emmy,Lunden and Carly (Lunden's BFF)
to San Diego for a few hours. Yes, you heard right...
a few hours!
{Sea Port Village}

{Coronado bridge}

{GORGEOUS, 71 degree day}

{Lunden & Carly}

{This was Em's first trip to Coronado. Now, they have all been}

{The girl's wanted me to photograph this surfer lol}
{I eventually had to show up in a photo,right? lol}

{it was nice but a chilly ocean breeze. Emmy was shivering}

Ok, seriously, it was flippin' HOT!
I don't know how anyone lives here.
I LOVE a dry heat but I literally was ill from the heat at times.
So, we came to Arizona for my Mom's graduation.
It took place at the new Cardinal's stadium.
She recieved her Master's in nursing. So proud!
My Aunt lives in Avondale so we spent time with her...
I hadn't seen her in 4 years.
I had another Aunt, Cousin and Uncle come in to town
that I hadn't seen in many years as well.
 It was a nice reunion.....

{Logan chillin' with Aunt Pattie}

{Logan being silly for sissy's camera}

{Typical Logan lol}

{Emmy...in her Matilda Jane looking super cute}

{My Carsen  man}

{My parent's..the Gradu-ate lol }

Ok, so those of you that dont know me....
 I went through a horrid divorce.
It has been 11 years. 
The worst time of year for us is when my twins have to go to Idaho
 for an extended period of time. This year it is 4 weeks.
I had to leave them in Arizona with my Aunt Pattie
because Ben and I and our little ones had to road trip back home.
I hated leaving..tears were shed...mostly me and Lunden.
Here are a few pictures of their trip so far...

{Brennen at his Grandma's house}


{a camping/hiking trip}

{love this one}

{my babies}

{Lunden and her cousin Tessa in the row boat}

{Brennen ...camping}


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