Thursday, May 20, 2010

2 down...1 to go?

Today, was Logan's last day of Preschool. The school calls it "4 year Kindergarten".
His school day was 3 hours long, all week.
What is really neat is that he had the same two teachers that Carsen had
when Carsen was in the preschool program! Maybe Emmy will do the same? 

Boy, does Logan LOVE school!

{The hallway to Logan's classroom}

{My official Kindergarten boy!}

{In front of his classroom for the last time}

{Ms. Bodie}

{Ms. Weed}

These two teachers....Ms. Weed & Ms. Bodie are so special to me and my two boys!
Every teacher needs to be thanked for all that they do!
Working with our children each and every day...
making differences that impact our kids forever!

I'm SO proud of you Logan! You are growing and learning at incredible rates!
Keep up the good work! We love you!


Annie said...

how sweet!! goodness he's getting tall!!!!!

Elena said...

We just had Jake's preschool picnic. He was supposed to be my baby. I can't believe how fast these little guys grow. Congratulations to Logan and his growing up. He must feel so big.:)

Andy and Melissa said...

He looks adorable! I am going to cry my eyes out when my kids go to school, and then jump for joy as I run around without having to wait for them every second. Anyway, congrats little Logan dude!