Thursday, April 15, 2010

In honor of Hammond Bay's 3rd release.....

(Yes, I am that into Matilda Jane!)

I wanted to add a few photos of Emersyn...
and Logan too..
In Matilda Jane.

Emersyn is wearing the Skye Knot top..
As soon as I put this on her she twirled.

Emersyn got into this pose all on her own...
(Notice....Skye knot top)

My babies..all 5 of them!
Notice Em in her Skye Knot top and ruffled leggings
 Logan is in his Mighty Acorns tee 

When I got down to Em's level to take the photo
she got down on her knees..
it was so cute!

Showin' some love in the Toy Story Mania ride line at California Adventure...
This ride IS COOL!!!!!!!!

Ok so this is an older outfit from Matilda Jane but..
 I LOVE the patterns and colors together.
This was at the Santa Monica pier.

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