Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Popcorn popping"

The only thing I think of when looking at all of the gorgeous blossoms is the primary song...

"Popcorn popping"

As much as I love Fall and it's magical colors...
I really love the spring and all of the beautiful blossoms.
Just little pops of color.. everywhere!
The blossoms are really popping on all of the peach trees this year,
 Hopefully, it means a great peach season!

I think this is also why our allergies have kicked in pretty badly
 and some of us have gotten allergies we never had before.

I have also really enjoyed hearing the birds chirping again.
Seeing the bright,red Cardinals flying around.

I can't believe we will have lived here 3 years next month. It's crazy.
South Carolina has been a good place for our family. Did I just say that?!
Regardless of the lack of places to eat, malls to shop in, friends and family around us...
It is a safe environment for my children. This area was blessed as a "safe haven".
As told by a quorum of the 12.
 I have faith in that. 
In the end...that is all that matters.

Enjoy the spring and all of it's gorgeous gifts.

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