Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 years and 2

Little Miss Emersyn

This little girl is so much fun!
She is such a silly little thing.
A big personality in such a tiny body.

I thought it would be fun to list some of the things
that she has been up to....
1. This little girl loves to sit on her brothers. Most of the time she does it just to bug them.
2. She loves to give and recieve kisses on both cheeks over and over. She kisses both of my eyes, both of my ears...So cute.
3. She is a little parrot. Especially when it comes to what Logan says. Logan has her saying " mama mia" and "2 hours" now. When she speaks to me she uses "mama mia" correctly in the sentence. And out of nowhere she will say "2 owa's (hours)". We crack up.
4. This girl can sing! Her favorite songs right now are
"You are my sunshine" and "Baby Balooba (Baluga)". Oh, how it melts my heart.
5. She has yet to try and climb out of her crib. Which is OK by me!
6. She is still potty training. She likes to read a book/magazine while she sits there ( doing nothing usually). lol
7. She LOVES shoes and clothes and she knows what she wants to wear.
8. She loves to strip down to her diaper.
9. She has THE cutest prance. When she runs, she high steps.
10. When she runs her (face) cheeks bounce too. SO CUTE!
11. She loves her sissy. Oh goodness does she ever.
12. She calls Carsen "Shar Shar" and we LOVE it.
13. Her little prayers are so precious and she will say them over and over and over again.
14. Logan is her best play buddy.
15. She loves to play with Stella "Ella" ( Melissa's daughter)
16. She is the ONLY child out of the 5 who actually loves nursery at church and could care less if we are there or not. She RUNS to nursery! No screaming and crying for mommy/daddy with this kiddo.
17. She is very photogenic! Have you SEEN the photos Melissa Smith took of her ( and Logan)? Magazine worthy! I could go on and on...
We are SO blessed to have her in our family.

A little song to end this post.....
{You need to turn off my music below to hear}

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