Sunday, February 14, 2010

Twenty-three the number of snowmen we counted in our neighborhood!
Saturday afternoon my girl's and I headed off to shop.
(What else is new, right?)
As we started driving through the neighborhood
we realized how many snowmen had been built.
Some were really creative too!
So, we went back to the house for Lunden's camera.
We thought it would be fun to snap some photos of all the frozen fun...

{we couldn't leave ours out}

{The dirty cowboy}

{The freaky princess}

{the dead snowman}

{too big for your hat snowman}

{The Home Depot snowman}

{The leaning tower of snow/man}

{"lean on me" snowman}
{The 9 footer!!}

{snowman without a face}

{snowman parts}
The snow storm we had sure made Valentines weekend memorable!
I hope everyone felt loved!

1 comment:

Jaime said...

so fun! We tried to build a snowman but it was too powdery and plus we were soooo not prepared in the cold weather clothing dept. No gloves or hats or super heavy coats. We did have boots, at least. I'll be prepared every year from now on even if we don't see snow like this for another 5 years.