Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A new fad

I thought I would add a video news clip that really does help to understand what these
are if you haven't heard of them before.

Carsen came home with a  Silly bandz  last week. His friend gave him one.
 It was the first time I had heard of them. He came home with more daily. 
 My two high school students said that many of the kids have these on their wrists at school.
I was like " wierd, ok "....
So, this week, I finally decided that we would go looking for them.
 They are hard to find but I did find a bunch!
  For some reason, they are all the rage around here.
Are they popular where you live? 


Elena said...

So, what are they?

Partyof7 said...

They are rubberband-ish shapes that kids wear on their wrists.