Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Logan is 5 today

I say this with every birthday that rolls around but.....
Our Logan is 5 TODAY!!
Through the years....

{First time to Disneyland}

{Sissy and Logan @ Disneyland}

{1st Halloween}

{@ the pumpkin patch}

{last days in Cali- 2 years}

{Spring break in D.C. 2008}

{Braves game 2007. Ty on the screen behind him}

{Just a silly boy}

{our smiley boy}


It is amazing to think that Logan was Emersyn's age when we first moved here to South Carolina. Now, he is in the 4 year Kindergarten program at the elementary school. He LOVES school! He and Emersyn are the best of friends. Until she starts sitting on him while he is playing games.
Logan is just a sweet, kind, loving, smart, patient little boy and we love him SO much!

Happy Birthday baby boy!

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Elena said...

The picture of him at the pumpkin patch looks like Emersyn. He's a cutie.