Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun at the park

We had such a fun time yesterday at the park!
 My friend Melissa brought her awsome camera/lenses and took a ton of pictures Emersyn and some of Logan.
Didn't these turn out SO cute?!?!
There are still more photos coming in from this shoot. Such a treat!
I will share more soon.
It was a school day so my older 3 couldn't join in.
We will definatley have to do this again with everyone!!
Thanks Melissa!


Annie said...

ooohhhhh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

those are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaime said...

I know I keep sayin it, but I'm so jealous! The pictures just magnify the already present cuteness of the kids. Melissa has some serious talent going on! Me next!

Andy and Melissa said...

So lets go again... maybe we can go next saturday when all the kiddos can come - and Andy could come along to help out with my kiddos... we can get some of the older kids too... course we may have to go somewhere else for your oldest two... they may be bored with the slides (lol). We should go when the lighting is a little better too. Lets plan it out!