Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas......

and all through the house....

Baking and more baking was the theme for the day!

Actually, I had to take Emersyn to the pediatrician first thing this morning.
I took her to urgent care on the 21st and she was diagnosed with croup(duh)
 which then turned into a horrible cough/cold (thanks Logan!)
and she has had so much congestion.
 It has all kept her from sleeping very well all week,
Her doctor says she has an ear infection so at least she is now on some anti-biotics.
Lukily, she hasn't been down much.
She has been enjoying all of the festivities and G-maw and G-paw's visit!

Ok, so, back to the day....
after the doctor visit my mom and I took Lunden and Emersyn with us to finish some last minute shopping.
Boy! The stores were seriously picked over!

We then spent the rest of the day baking....cookies, cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels...cookies...pumpkin pies...
The house smells DIVINE!

Just thought I would share some photos from the day!

{Lunden in her apron made when she was 2}

Merry Christmas!!!


Windy Ridge said...

Love the photos, what fun! Hopefully baby is all better now!

Annie said...

awwww poor emmy!
these pictures are sooo fun!
you are sooo brave to bust out the cookie cutters with the little ones!
you are such a good mommy!!!!!
this video is absolutly precious!