Thursday, December 17, 2009


Miss Emersyn May is now 23 months old!

Seriously, where does the time go?!
I can't believe my baby girl will be 2 years old next month!
She is busy growing and changing and exploring the world around her.....

{Showin' Frosty some love}

{is not going to look at the camera for anything}

{this is her "you better take the picture before I take this headband off}

{sweet hugs for Frosty}

{Singing "Frosty the snowman"}

{She gets a kick seeing her reflection in the ornaments}

She is really into drawing...pens and crayons or her aqua doodle mat and water pens.

-She LOVES to sing! She picks up words to songs quickly.
 Her favorite Christmas songs to sing ( and knows the words to) are...
"Last Christmas", "Wonderful Christmas time"and"Frosty the Snowman"
AND she loves to say "Ho ho ho! Merrrrrrrry Kissmas".
-She has such an expressive face. She seems to have an expression for everything. When she sings she uses those expressions. It's so funny! If the song is slow then she has a very serious,dramatic expression. If it's an upbeat song she get's all into it. 
-Her favorite two favorite shows on t.v. are "Hannah Montana" and "The Fresh Beat band"
-She plays with her kitchen everyday and loves to be silly with her brothers.
-Sissy is still one of her most favorite people.
-Brennen has cute little sayings that she likes. Sometimes he likes to scare her (in a nice way) and she runs to mommy or sissy. Once in awhile Brennen will say something that she just doesn't like or it was the way he said  something and it makes her cry.
-I can't get her to nap anymore. So, bedtime is fairly early.
She enjoys taking all of her clothes off right after I dress her. Her diaper too!
Emersyn LOVES to wave and say "hi" to all children and always notices the babies.
She says "Yup" now instead of yes. And she will shrug her shoulders and say " I dont know" when you ask her something.
She also loves to say "Ewwww" to things that look gross to her.
When she is wanting something she will say a super cute, " Peeeeeeeeeeeeez" (please). Who can resist that?!!
She is the sweetest child with a gentle soul. I just love her so much!

On to planning her 2nd b-day party!

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Elena said...

That is one little cutie. Happy 23 to her. Love the headband.