Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas time is here

I have been decorating the past few days. I think I am just about done.
(I need some candles flickering in the windows)

I wish Christmas decorations could stay up all the time.
It just makes everything so bright and festive and beautiful.

I finally have my Christmas trees decorated the way that I had imagined.
It took awhile to collect the ornaments I wanted
and the amount of ornaments I would need.

I believe that every room should be festive!
The kids really love to see all the special decorations.
I always go that extra mile for them.
It's once a year...why not?!
That is why I have a (themed) decorated tree in every room.
 Yes, even the kids each have one in their rooms!
Why not?!
No, it isn't expensive to do.
None of their trees cost more than $19.99
and they are 6 feet tall!
Lunden has a white tree and the boys, green.
Emmy will have a white one next year.

I thought I would share some pictures of my decorated home......

I decided on red and white lights around my door this year. I usually just do white...
I think it just adds a little something extra with the red!
Looking at my door....I think I need to get a couple of pine topiaries with lights
for either side of my door....hmmmm

This year I have a seperate tree for my White House ornaments.
 It is easier to "show off" how beautiful they are.
Each year my mom gives me the newest one.
They get more beautiful every year.
 I think I have just about all of them!

All the stockings hung by the chimney with care

My favorite..the crafty/country christmas tree...
This 12 foot tree is the one that Santa delivers presents to. 

I just love all the wooden ornaments!
Snowflakes and snowmen are my favorite!

This tree is in our kitchen/eating area.
It has gold, red and green bulbs and butterflies.
This tree could use a little help but...
 it can wait until the after Christmas sales!

This tree is in our sunroom. It's the "christmas sweets" tree.
Decorated with cookie and candy ornaments.
( I noticed my jingle bell garland wasn't sitting right in the photo- oops)
The kid's named our elf...... "Buddy".
They love the "Elf" movie!

Today, was the day to hang the wreaths on the windows....
It seems to be a southern thing to have wreaths on the windows
and (fake) candles in the window sills.
So, I am trying it out this year!
I still need to get the candles!

Brennen really wanted to hang my two wreaths on the 2nd floor windows......

I had to make sure the wreaths were placed "just so"
so, we all came outside to watch....

Lunden and Emersyn looking to the sky

Carsen got on the hood of my car so....
 the other two wanted to join in.
Silly kids.
I captured Emersyn saying " cheeeeeeeeese". lol

Classic Logan face.
I love my babies!!

I hope everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving!

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Jacki Rich said...

Sooooo Cute!! I haven't even got my stuff out yet. Hopefully this weekend!
Love all the tree's~