Saturday, August 8, 2009

To sew or not to sew

This has been the BIG question on my mind lately and a new desire of mine to try.
There is SO much talent on Etsy!
I have seen many wonderful designs and patterns.
It has given me the push to try some of these simple-ish patterns and lines.
We shall see!
Now all I need is a sewing machine!!
Check out some of these precious clothing designs.....
I have to say that I absolutley LOVE all of these things.
Classic, chic, cute, carefree, simple lines...
{an * means that I have purchased it)
{ruffle pants and damask top from SpicedSugar- Etsy}

*{ Darling tunic dresses from illiakids - Etsy}

* {Peasant dress from Dress ReHERsal on Etsy}

*{Really cute cap and Bell sleeved peasant tops @ Dress ReHERsal}

{Really precious headbands @ bubbaloubands}

*{I bought these for Emersyn from MIA JOIE}

{ Precious little leg warmers and shoes from MIA JOIE}

{Fuzzy shoes from Mia Joie}

{LOVE these ruffled leggings from EDENS BOUQUET}

{The newest addition to the Edens Bouquet line- crocheted slippers}

{I would love to learn how to sew bloomers like these from Edens Bouquet}

If you haven't checked out Etsy yet, you should.
It's my new fun thing to search through during naps and bedtime.
I'm getting all sorts of ideas.
We are only limited by our imagination, right?
I hope I can find a niche somewhere in this Etsy world.


Rachel said...

Cute stuff!

You should totally start sewing. It would be a great hobby for you!

Elena said...

I have a sewing machine that sits patiently waiting for me to develop the skills needed to create such cute things. When I had all boys I didn't care. Now, I'm thinking I might just try my hand at a little creativity. Maybe when school starts. Maybe. I've loved looking up the sites you listed. My favorite is etsy's spicedsugar. Check out . So cute. Avery has a little summer dress from there and she looks like a million bucks in it.

Kasey said...

those little blue shoes are To. DIE. For.