Saturday, August 29, 2009

School mornings...and afternoons

Our school mornings are rather hectic.....
Wake the kids up at 5:30am, off to seminary at 6:30am,
pick up L&B at seminary at 7:20 am,
Carsen to school at 7:30,

You get the idea...

Lunden's friend Samantha and her mom were coming to pick up L&B
at 7:50 am just as I would get home from taking Carsen to school.
We found out that they were carpooling from seminary over to the high school.
A much better arragngement for everyone.
In the afternoon we have Carsen riding the bus home
This has really made things much more simple.
I don't have to wake up Emersyn from her nap
to go get him when Ben is out of town.
All I have to do at 3:20 is go and pick up L&B and Samantha at school.


These ARE the day's!

( the girl's call eachother and coordinate outfits)

(Showing school spirit! Go wildcats!)

Carsen's 1st bus ride home from school....

So, I noticed when Carsen was getting off the bus
he was wearing shorts that were NOT cute and NOT his...
I guess he got pretty dirty at school.
I would have loved to capture Carsen looking adorable in the clothes (pants)
I put on him that morning for his first ever bus ride from school picture.
Oh well. Stuff happens.
He still looks adorable getting off the bus!
Until next time....

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Annie said...

LOLOLOL- tooo cute about the shorts!
after reading your schedule..SHEESH! Woman- you have got to be SO dang tired!