Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year..wait, that's Christmas!

Yesterday, we took Carsen to the elementary school for a "drop-in"
to meet his teacher and
take his school supplies to her.
Needless to say, he was less than thrilled.
The pictures say it all....

{"Oh mom, do I have to?"}
{Which room do we go to?}

{They decorate the sailboat for all the special occassions}

{1st grade hall}

{What a face!}

{carrying his school supplies in}

{His classroom}

First day of school!!
Today I took Carsen to school.
He didn't want me to walk in with him.
He wanted to have me drop him off at the curb.
I told him that todaywas a special day for me too
and all the Mom's and Dad's want to
walk their kid's in the first day.
He told me that he knew where to go and didn't need me to go in.
He is our independant child!

{He is pretty smiley for 7:30 am}

{anoyed with me and the camera}

{isn't his teacher adorable?!}
{finding out where to hang his backpack}

Then we have my twins who entered high school today!

{baby A}

{Baby B}
Brennen was pretty nervous last night.
I am hoping that walking him through the school
and talking to him last night calmed some...
most of his fears.
In a few days/weeks they will be completely adjusted
to this big ,new world of high school.
Now, let's just hope I feel the same way!
My babies!!!!


Jacki Rich said...

i love the first few pictures of Caarsen! It looks like he likes to stay home with his momma!! Carly used to be the exact same way. But she was so excited to start school this year. As for me I would have summer vacation forever!

Rachel said...

How fun! Everyone is growing up!

And about the twin thing.. it's hereditary. Fraternal twins are hereditary. They typically will skip a generation. The Austin genes totally have twins in there. That's why we have so many in our family.

Anyone can have identical twins, but it takes the special gene for fraternal twins!

And L & B will totally appreciate each other more after high school. I promise!

Doug and Kim Waters said...

Love your blog. Thanks for your sweet notes on mine. You are a professional blogger. I need a course from you. lol

Annie said...

awwww your babies are growing up!!!

carson looked SO thrilled! i bet he was just ready to get on with it already hunh? "like Seriously, leave mom, im fine, see ya at 3:30!"

LOL it is SAD hunh? That was how macie was this year! ok, see ya!

your pictures are so priceless!