Sunday, August 16, 2009

The chapel doors seem to say to me.......

"Shh be still".
Do they even SING this song in primary anymore??
Well, the Chapel doors seem to say to my kids
Be as annoying as you can and embarrass the crap out of your parent's.

I'm just being honest....
This is how I feel once the FIRST hour is over with!
It's a juggling act with Emersyn off and on the church pews,
wanting hymn books, wanting a toy, not wanting a toy, talking very loudly,
singing and dancing to the music ( this one is cute), saying "AMEN" really loudly
(this is a keeper too),
wanting sissy, brother,
and mommy all within 1 minute,
Getting out all the snacks and drinks I brought to see what will make her happy and be quiet.
I mean, reverent.
I walk out of the chapel thinking
" whew I am glad that is over with!"
Still, my babies all still look stinkin' cute and no one can deny that!!


Kiley said...

I feel your pain. Although it has gotten a little better now that David is out of the bishopric. That song is Robert's favorite one. it is actually the only one he wants anyone to sing and yet he hasn't quite grasped the meaning yet!

Annie said...

LOLOLOL oh my goodness! how funny! you poor mommy!!!
im giggling because we had our own issues with madelyn on sunday!
we ended up just staying in the nursery with her and playing with her, ONLY so that Macie could get her full lesson in! (check my blog)