Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Nautical non-sense" is something he wished

Every year we let the kid's choose:
1) Their party theme
2) What kind of cake they want
3) Where/what they want to eat
Carsen wanted a Sponge Bob party!

{ The cake was de-lish!}

Carly is one of Carsen's favorite people! She is visiting from Cali where we used to live.
It is really great having her here! Carsen thinks she is his girlfriend. lol

Me, looking all "white trash"with no make-up on
and my precious birthday boy!
Carly taped ribbon to his face. Crazy kid's!

Logan ready to party!

Lunden and Carly ready to Par-tay!

Emersyn was a trooper.
She is cutting teeth, sneezing and has had a really running nose today.
She wasn't herself today. She kept her hat on though!

Just a cute picture

Singing "Happy Birthday!"
Make a wish....take a deep breath....

and blow out those candles!! Of course it's tradition to have the candles that re-light.
Also known as trick candles.

I think the older ones were having more fun than the little guys

Present time! Present time!
Open a present, see what's inside!

This sponge Bob centerpiece showed up in a bunch of pictures. Too funny.

More presents

Carsen checking out some of his presents.
(There is that Sponge Bob again)

Silly Carly

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Annie said...

my goodness what super cute picturs! you always fit so many- i wish i knew how you did that! that silly centerpiece was hilarious! you should take it with you, and take pics with it..... (in front of white house, etc..) too funny!
everyone is sooo adorable- i miss you so much!!!! you look fabulous!
happy birthday!!!!!!