Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goin' southern on ya

Lunden's friend, Carly has been visiting us for 3 weeks from So. Cal.
One of Carly's requests was to eat breakfast at
I have only been there 2 times.
It really is a "white trash" kinda place.
Sorry, but it just is.
The people are friendly and it's just one of those places
you have to eat at, at least once when in the south.
Still, the food is really good.
They have the best waffles (duh) and even ones with
pe-cans in them
( did you hear my southern accent?)
Today, Carly had to fly home but we took her there for breakfast....
We miss you already Carly!!!!

{Like two peas in a pod, they are}

{Aint she purdy?}

{Carly's PE-can waffle and grit's over thar}

{Give that baby some gravy!}

{This here wafflle aint like nuthin' else}

{Kiss my grit's}
Sorry...the southern accent just sort of came out.

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