Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De whatever

Buenos dias!
So, I scanned the radio over the weekend. A little handheld radio.
You see, we had no electricity.
True, a storm was coming in but
with ONE loud clap of thunder the power went out....
for an hour and a half!!
This happens every time.
Our electricity is a freakin' wimp!
Anyways, I scanned the little radio and there was nothing but static..
Well, except for the one clear channel....
festive Hispanic music.
No news or weather but we get the Tejano channel loud and clear!!
Don't get me wrong I do love
the Gypsy Kings
the Iguanas
Ricky Martin...
and the Selena movie.
I need to know if I need to get the family
into the center most part of the house
because of an impending tornado!
Not to stop and shake my bon bons!
In honor of Cinco De Mayo
I have decided to make this an observation lesson.
In case of emergency...
learn Spanish!
*~*Random observation *~*
My birthday is on Cinco De Marzo!

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