Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carsen's tonsils

A couple of weeks ago I took Carsen into the pediatrician
because he had been snoring really loudly.
I would say for a good month or two
I slowly started noticing this.
His snoring got so loud that I could hear him from
his bedroom, door closed, all the way downstairs.
I knew we needed to get him in to the doc.
Our ped. said that the inside of his nose was inflamed
and his tonsils were really enlarged.
She put him on Nasonex nose spray for allergies
and wanted to see him back a 3 weeks later.
Over the last 3 weeks his snoring has gotten better
but his tonsils are huge and he isn't sick.
Thursday, before school he had his follow up appt.
She said his tonsils are definatley too large and she is
going to set him up with an appt with an ear,nose and throat doc.
She said that more than likely, the tonsils are going to have to come out.
Poor Carsen thought he was going to have his tonsils taken out
right there on the paper covered exam table.
Poor baby.
I will keep everyone posted when we find out more

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Rachel said...

I hear kids bounce back from that surgery a lot faster than adults. Make sure they do his adenoids too if you're going to get the tonsils.

I got my tonsils out my freshman year of college, and it was HORRIBLE. I'm not even kidding, but it's seriously not that bad with kids. However, they didn't get my adenoids. So, when I went in for sinus surgery in February I woke up to a surprise super sore throat. They finally got my adenoids. Load up on popsicles & he'll bounce back in no time. Just make sure they aren't ice cream popsicles. Dairy makes it worse!