Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm a mormon. Yes, I am!

Are mormons Christian? YES!
I thought that since confrence can be a member missionary tool...
I would share this talk by Jeffrey R. Holland.
"Im a mormon, yes I am!
So, if you want to study a mormon I'm a living specimen.
Maybe you think I'm just like anybody else.
You'll see that trusting my word, you'll quickly observe I'm different as can be!"
~Brite singers

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Jacki Rich said...

I love this weekend too. It seems to get better and better each year! Thanks for sharing, and I love that song!
Also I am a little behind on checking others blogs, but how fun to get a mid night party in with Lunden. I'm jealous!! Mom/daughter time is sooo fun!!
Have a great weeK!