Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am a child of God

Emersyn loves to sing!
She has been aware of music since birth.
When music plays she dances ( her signature move) and she sings.
At church, she will sing really loud.
She will start singing to prelude music so, naturally people can hear her.
We went to a school play,"Annie", that Lunden was in and during the prelude to the song "Maybe" Emersyn began singing. Everyone could hear her.
I heard a lot of "awww" and giggles but I literally had to
take her to the back of the auditorium so she wouldn't upstage the actors. lol
I just wanted to share this precious bit of video taken in late November.

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Jessica said...

hey april!
of course i remember! how are you guys???
hows you 2 older kids?? ha i remember when you guys used to come over. aww i miss you guys! talk to you later =] jess